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The Second Book Of Deak -- Chapter List, Sample Chapters and Detailed Synopsis

                                              The Second Book of Deak

1)   Bootleg
2)   Bootcamp
3)   Sands
4)   Forgiven Not Forgotten
5)   Revenge
6)   The Flying Lightning Shows
7)   Televeggin
8)   Jonesy
9)   Easytown
10)  The Sexadactyl
11)  Absolutely Everything
12)  The Motown Anniversary Party
13)  Team Deak
14)  The Logan Airport Incident
15)  The Sexy Army
16)  The James Brown Show
17)  Bubbles
18)  The Conquest Of Britain
19)  Behind The Iron Curtain
20)  The Malaga Airport Incident
21)  Christmas With Freddie
22)  Your Christmas Tree
23)  The Pepsi Video
24)  Tender Mercy
25)  Oscar Night
26)  The Twins
27)  The Holy Confrontation
28)  Summer Tour 84
29)  Miami Beach
30)  The Helicopter Chase
31)  Halloween
32)  Abbey Road
33)  Bangers
34)  The Rolling Stone Interview
35)  We Are The World
36)  Europe Revisited
37)  Backstage At Live Aid
38)  Hugging It Out

The Second Book Of Deak picks up where the first novel leaves off, with Deak down and out and heartbroken in New Orleans, hanging out and drinking with the hobos on the banks of the Mississippi River.  After a drunken drubbing at the hands of a fellow musician, a mysterious one legged man named Bootleg, Deak goes incognito and hikes through the wilderness to New Mexico, and then on into Mexico, where he has a couple of adventures while getting his head together and sobering up.  He eventually makes his way to Los Angeles where he settles and buys a mansion in Laurel Canyon and assembles a new band and returns to the limelight. 

Deak’s new band is a three piece that consists of himself, Jonesy and Desmond, who also goes by the nickname The Sexadactyl.  Jonesy is a classically trained musician who plays keyboards and bass, and who was loosely modeled after the most excellent John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin.  The Sexadactyl is the twelve fingered drummer who is obsessed and very successful with women.   The nickname the Sexadactyl is a pun on the word ‘sexadactyly,’ which is the condition of being born with six digits on one’s hand(s).

Before getting into the detailed synopsis of the Michael Jackson feud there is a recurring story line in the second and third novels that needs to be explained.  The master bedroom of Deak's Laurel Canyon mansion was the site of a grisly double murder in 1934.  A woman walked in on her husband in bed with another man and shot both dead.  Since then the master bedroom has been haunted by two ghosts who immediately start to sexually gratify any man who enters it.  There are comical story lines involving the bedroom and Freddie Mercury, Mick Jagger and David Bowie, and in the third novel, Elton John.  While I am not homosexual, I have been friends with a great many, and I have written those stories with a humorous sensitivity that those friends would approve, and I think would expand interest in the novels to the LBGT community.

Anyway, there are a variety of characters and story lines in The Second Book Of Deak, but the arc of the novel is Deak’s ongoing and unwanted feud with Michael Jackson.  The novel takes place from 1982-1985, when Michael Jackson was soaring to the height of his fame on the wings of Thriller.  Deak absolutely loves Michael and his music—he calls Michael an ‘entertainment superhero’--and he wants nothing more than to befriend and hopefully collaborate with the fellow superstar, but circumstances conspire otherwise.  Through a series of star crossed encounters, all based on real events, Michael comes to despise Deak.  The incidents of the Deak and Michael Jackson feud include:

-- Deak, Jonesy and Desmond (the Sexadactyl) are given tickets to Motown 25th Anniversary Party in Pasadena, in March of 1983, the night when Michael debuts the moonwalk.  Deak attends the event in disguise, but Michael recognizes Deak at a backstage party and unmasks him.  Deak was planning to return to the public eye shortly after anyway, but Michael irrationally gets very upset with Deak for stealing the spotlight on his big night, even though it was Michael who revealed Deak's identity.  Michael’s simmering fury explodes when, while escorting Deak and Jonesy from the party, he catches the Sexadactyl making out with his sister Janet in a hallway.

-- Shortly thereafter Deak and the band go on a short tour of America to promote their new album, Absolutely Everything.  The tour starts in Boston, and at Logan Airport they are thoroughly searched and interrogated and harassed by customs officials.  When they finally reach the Boston Garden after a several hour delay in the airport, they realize that Michael bribed the customs officers to hassle them when Deak discovers a cryptic note signed MJ in his guitar case.

-- Later that summer, in August 1983, Deak and The Sexadactyl go to a James Brown show at the Beverly Theater in Los Angeles.  Michael Jackson and Prince also happen to be in attendance.  James Brown invites Michael on stage, and then Prince, and finally Deak and Desmond.  When Deak and The Sexadactyl take the stage, Michael pouts and throws a hissy and walks off, feeling that James Brown treated him like Deak’s warm up act by inviting Michael up first instead of last.

-- Soon thereafter Deak writes a love song called 'Bubbles' that contains an innocent reference to a monkey.  The song becomes a big hit, but when Michael hears it he is offended, thinking that Deak is mocking Michael’s chimpanzee named Bubbles.

-- In the fall of 1983 Deak and the band go on an extensive European tour which concludes in Marbella, Spain.  While entering the airport in Malaga, Spain to fly back to the US, Deak is nonchalantly walking when he hears running footfalls behind him.  He turns around to see a chimpanzee sail through the air and land in his embrace.  It is Bubbles.  Michael Jackson happens to be at the same airport at the same time, and Bubbles broke free from Michael to be with Deak, the clear implication being that Bubbles wanted to get away from Michael to be with Deak.  Michael gets irate, and insists that Bubbles leave Deak and return to his mommy.  Deak finally talks softly to the chimpanzee and convinces him to let go and return to Michael.  Michael glares at Deak and his entourage before leading Bubbles away.

-- That Christmas Deak has a party and Freddie Mecury of Queen attends.  In a spontaneous moment the whole party moves to a church in the middle of the night and they record a Christmas album.  Freddie and Michael Jackson are friends (they were in real life, and wrote two songs together), and Freddie convinces Deak to give Michael a gift of two turtledoves as an olive branch, which Freddie personally delivers along with a message from Deak asking if they can try and forget all that has transpired and get off to a fresh start with a clean slate.  Michael adores the birds, and promises Freddie he’ll consider Deak's offer.

-- A month later, Deak, Jonesy and Desmond get tickets to the filming of Michael Jackson’s Pepsi commercial at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles.  That same morning, as an ill omen, Michael's boa constrictor Muscles eats the two turtledoves Deak gave him.  That evening is the infamous performance where Michael Jackson’s hair catches fire.  When Michael learns that Deak was in attendance he immediately becomes irrational and blames him for the horrible accident, claiming that Deak either launched a bottle rocket from the crowd or somehow infused his hair gel with a flammable substance.

-- In the spring of 1984 Deak and the others learn that Michael has been going around LA neighborhoods wearing a fat suit, a grey wig and fake mustache and proselytizing for the Jehovah’s Witnesses.  (Another true story.)  Deak, Jonesy and Desmond learn of a specific neighborhood that Michael is planning to canvas one afternoon.  Jonesy’s aunt happens to own a home there, and she allows them to await Michael there and when he comes to the door a comical scene ensues.

-- In the summer of 1984 Deak and the band embark on another US tour.   At the same time The Jacksons are on their Victory tour.  Their paths cross in New York City.  Michael and his brothers are bickering and fighting (the true details of the Jackson family feud are briefly described in the novel), and they are traveling to cities and shows in separate cars and planes and helicopters.  One night James Brown joins Deak on stage at a Madison Square Garden show, the night after The Jacksons performed there and James Brown declined an invitation to join them on stage.  Following the show James invites Deak, Jonesy and Desmond to take a helicopter tour of Manhattan before going to his hotel for a party.  While airborne they are chased and accosted by another helicopter.  It is Michael, who has mistaken them for his brother Jermaine.  Both helicopters land on a helipad in east Manhattan where Michael, upon learning of his error, has an emotional meltdown due to the conflicts with his brothers.

-- In late 1984 Deak, Jonesy and Desmond fly to London to record an album at the Abbey Road studio where the Beatles worked.  There they meet Paul McCartney, who plays on one of their songs.  After the session they are drinking tea when Paul details them on his burgeoning feud with Michael.  Michael has recently purchased the publishing rights to most of the Beatles catalog, much to Paul’s chagrin; and Paul McCartney's strained relationship with Michael plays a part in the climactic scene of the novel.  At Abbey Road studios Deak also meets Bob Geldof, who becomes a minor character throughout the remainder of the novel.

-- One of the devices of the novel, as has already been touched on here, is characters going about in disguises.  Deak is friends with an Oscar nominated costume designer in Hollywood named Sonia, who made his face resemble a perfect Eddie Van Halen the previous Halloween.  In February 1985 Lionel Richie contacts Deak and asks him if he would be willing to get up in a Lionel disguise and go work with Michael Jackson on the song that would become 'We Are The World.'  Lionel doesn't want to work with Michael for several reasons, and heard about Deak’s Eddie Van Halen costume, and Deak’s perfect impression of Lionel that he performed on stage at an LA comedy club a few weeks earlier.  Deak eagerly agrees to the ruse and fulfills his dream of collaborating with Michael, though Michael thinks he’s working with Lionel Richie.

-- The novel reaches its climax at Live Aid, the famous famine relief benefit concert organized by Bob Geldof and held in Wembley stadium in London and JFK stadium in Philadelphia on July 13, 1985.  Michael was one of the first people Bob contacted when organizing the concert, but Michael declined the invitation (true story).  Deak is one of the scheduled acts, but due to a freak accident backstage the morning of the show, he is unable to perform.  Michael shows up in London unannounced, and finds Bob Geldof, Paul McCartney, Freddie Mercury and Deak hanging out together in a green room early in the afternoon.  Michael confesses to having made a huge mistake in refusing to perform and begs Bob to squeeze him somewhere into the day’s line up.  Bob cannot accommodate him, explaining that with the international television broadcast the entire day has already been scheduled to the second.  Michael then begs Paul to share his performance time by singing a couple of duets with Michael.  Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson had a number two hit single with their collaboration 'The Girl Is Mine,' in 1982, and a number one hit earlier in 1985 with a second collaboration, 'Say Say Say.'  Paul is still angry about Michael buying the Beatles’ songs and politely tells him to bugger off.  Michael then begs Freddie to let him perform with Queen, and Freddie politely refuses.  Michael reluctantly turns to Deak, who says he’d love to be able to share the stage with him, but holds up his splinted finger to show that he is unable to perform.  Later in the day Deak sees Michael in Bob Geldof’s vip box.  Deak recognizes Michael wearing the same fat suit and wig and mustache that he donned when proselytizing for the Jehovah’s Witnesses.  Deak pretends not to recognize him and sits down with him, pretends he is a stranger and seizes the opportunity to pour his heart out and explain how all the various reasons Michael hates him are the horrible result of unfortunate circumstances and misunderstandings.  Michael is touched by Deak’s sincere love for him, reveals his identity, and asks Deak if they can be friends.  Deak explains that’s all he ever wanted, and the novel ends happily with Deak and Michael Jackson watching the Live Aid concert together.

The rest of my novels are here.

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